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Tips on How to Clean Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows

It’s a clever decision to add Andersen windows to your home. But if you fail to maintain your windows properly, the change could be made foolish.

The best way to keep windows is to ensure that they remain clean. But what are the best cleaning techniques for your Andersen Windows?

Here are some suggestions for an efficient window cleaning system and some things you need to be mindful of and prevent.                                            

1. Hold a cleaning schedule for the door.

You can vacuum them at least a few times a year if you have Andersen windows. You should wash your windows more often when you live in an industrial area or somewhere that has a lot of dust, as this activity can stop particles from building up on the panes and damaging your windows.

Prepare at least every three months to wash the windows. In your calendar, mark this event, much the same way you can keep track of when your vehicle needs an oil change.

2. Know your windows ‘ capabilities until you begin sweeping them up.

You probably already know that in a particular direction the windows in your home can open (for example, single and double-hung windows can move vertically). But some windows have additional features that enable you to maximize the area at one time you can clean.

Double hanging windows from Andersen have some of these special features. These window sashes will turn inward— allowing you to wash both sides of the glass without going out. This is particularly beneficial for windows in your home’s upper floors because you won’t have to risk your health to wash these windows from outside.

Anderson’s windows offer a detailed brochure on the double-hung windows and explain in more detail how to clean these windows.

Cleaner Window 3. Use the right tools and materials to wash the door.

The trick will not be to pour some water on the glass and give it a good once with paper towels. Why isn’t it? Ok, particles like dust and salt deposits can fit into a window frame. To remove them, more heavy-duty cleaning materials are needed.

For clean windows that do not tend to be overly dusty or dirty, use a mild detergent with steam. Using vinegar, soapy water or window cleaning solutions (many of which contain ammonia) when a more thorough cleaning job is needed.

Also make sure that you use the right tools, such as squeegees and towels for window cleaning. This will help you to clean your windows without leaving those disgusting streaks.

Cleaner Window 4. Clean in a consistent way.

Just as it is important to choose the right window cleaning equipment, using a reliable window cleaning system makes a huge difference (and keeps off your windows those irritating streaks).

Andersen Windows

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Make sure that all dust is scraped off your windows using a squeegee before placing a cleaning product on the door. Apply it uniformly until you place the cleaning fluid on the surface of the screen.

Place your squeegee in front of your window’s top-left corner. Then squeegee across the ground horizontally to the top right corner. Push the squeegee back to the left edge (just below where it was originally placed) and repeat it right below where you had just cleaned it. (If you are left, going from right to left in the window might be easier.) Keep repeating this motion — moving down the window as you go — until the window cleaning solution has been removed completely. To thoroughly wipe off any remaining water or solution, use a window cleaning towel without leaving any streaks.

5. Avoid things that are hard.

You want to avoid damage or stains when you wash your windows. Staying away from “sharp things,” such as the piercing glare of direct sunlight and razor blades, is the best way to avoid such hazards.

When cleaning Andersen doors, avoid using razors or other blades as these devices can damage the glass. And try not to clean windows in direct sunlight; direct sun exposure will quickly dry window cleaning fluids and water, resulting in streaks.

Cleaner Window 3 6. First of all, security.

Make sure your safety is a priority that is always greater than a clean window. When you open your doors to wash them, make sure that your children stay out of the opening; a fall might be deadly.

Always, make sure to protect yourself from any accidents involving the door. If you are using a ladder to clean the outside of the windows on the upper floor, make sure that you have a spotter to hold the ladder secure. If you don’t feel comfortable washing the outside of your windows on the upper floor, hire professionals to do that.

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